Internet Presentations Group

The Internet Presentations Group offers a robust array of services to accommodate the needs of companies and organizations of all sizes. From logo design to interactive web pages, IPG has the experience and expertise to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We have the advantage of being able to call upon the resources of an entire University and that gives us the means and ability to satisfy any client need. Our services include: We provide many services

Graphic Design

Our talented staff of graphic artists will work with you to establish designs that will capture the essence of your company. Our designs can be created to accommodate both print and computer based media. We work to provide you with a balance of excellence and practicality.

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Web Site Design

The Internet Presentations Group has almost 20 years of experience designing professional web sites. We create sites for new companies, giving them a public face and an appropriate look to appeal to their audience. All of our sites are custom designed, providing each client with a web site that is unique and will meet their specific needs. We also re-design existing sites giving them added capabilities and fresh, new looks.

The first browser, called MOSAIC, wasn't released to the public until December was an initial version of Mosaic that worked with Windows-based computers and Apple computers! (Oddly enough, there was a version of MOSAIC released two months earlier for the Commodore Amiga computer.) We were doing webdesign when the web was still in it's birthing pangs...and we're still around!

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Hosting Services

In addition to designing your website, we can also provide you with hosting services. Our hosting fees are very reasonable and we are around to support you should you need assistance. Our hosting services include: 500MB of storage capacity which is five times as much as most websites need; unlimited email addresses so that you can set up accounts such as or; access to MySQL database and PHP programming; an industry standard control center interface known as cPanel.

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Educating our customers so they can make well informed decisions is our mission. Our diverse staff, containing graphic designers, computer programmers, communication consultants, and marketing specialists, allows us to look at your project from all perspectives and provide you with a well organized plan of action. You don't need to be an expert to get your organization online; that is our job! We will work with you through each step of the process to ensure your message is properly translated to your target audience.

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Internet Presentations Group provides training for organizations who plan to maintain their website in house. Our professional training staff, who is experienced in both web design and education, will enable your staff to add/delete information or graphics and make changes to time sensitive materials. This is all done at your convenience. Training can be held at our facility in the West Chester University Graduate Business Center or within your own office.

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Customized Research: Webcontent or Reports

Because we can draw on faculty, graduate students and talented undergraduates in a variety of colleges and disciplines, we have a unique ability to complete customized research for your company. In the past, we have developed original web content and research reports that ranged from "AIDS among Hispanic Americans" to "Healthy Marriages". We have the unique ability to find experts in almost any area.

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Specialized Surveys

The Internet allows anyone to access content and participate in online activities. We can help clients who need to generate data for logistics or analysis by creating unique online surveys. Here is an example of an extensive survey that we created for the Vizsla Club of America.

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Web Site Promotion or Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website is the first step; however, marketing that site is equally important. IPG can register your site with the major search engines. In addition, we will work with you to structure your web site in a manner to improve its recognition among the search engines, increasing your website's visibility.

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Disabled Access

Along with creating a user friendly website, IPG will also ensure that your website follows the guidelines set up by the Web Accessibility Initiative, allowing disabled users to navigate your site. Not only are federal, state and local governments requiring disabled access to their websites but commercial organizations are finding it important to their corporate mission and corporate image to provide disability access. We were among the earliest webdesign businesses to pioneer disability access with our work in creating the Pennsylvania Department of Aging's first website back in 1998.

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