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Welcome! If you're interested in doing an internship with the Internet Presentations Group, but have some questions, this page is just for you.

Who is eligible to intern at IPG?

We accept West Chester University students from any department. Many of our interns are from the Communication Studies Department. However, we have also had Business, Management, Computer Science, English, Philosophy, Art and Theatre, Professional Studies, Liberal Studies and Political Science majors join us. Internship credits are awarded by a student's department, and are therefore subject to departmental approval. Please check with your advisor to see if you qualify for an internship*.

Since new interns spend the first semester receiving intensive training and practice, IPG counts on utilizing interns skills in subsequent semesters. Therefore, prospective interns must be able to commit to more than one semester at IPG, and to complete their responsibilities and assignments at a satisfactory level.

IPG has also developed partnerships with Delaware County Community College and the West Chester Area School District. We have trained interns from DCCC and seniors at East High School and Henderson High School.

*Many departments require a minimum number of credits or other requirements in order to take an internship. Please check with your department.

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Do I need any previous experience in order to get an internship at IPG?

All of our new interns have surfed the Internet and developed a strong desire to learn to design and build web pages. However, most of them have had no previous HTML experience. Since our training begins from the very basics, previous experience is not required. We do recommend that you take COM292 but it is not a requirement. We do also welcome students with experience! Students that already know the basics may jump right into working on actual clients websites and learn more sophisticated web design.

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What will I learn as an IPG intern?

During the first semester at IPG, new interns are assigned to work on real-life projects under the guidance of a Project Manager. There is a required text for the internship that costs less than $20. You will put your knowledge of webdesign to immediate use and will have other staff members around you to help out with your questions.

By the end of the first semester, new interns will have mastered XHTML including the use of tables, frames and you will learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and how to use JavaScript. Interns learn how different browsers display web pages. Interns learn how to scan pictures and text, and make and alter images using PhotoShop. In addition, you get to work with the latest versions of Macromedia's FLASH program.

A student in his or her first semester who has demonstrated exceptional organizational and leadership skills may have the opportunity to become a project manager. A project manager is a student in charge of a client's website. He or she communicates directly with a particular client, attends meetings with the client, assigns tasks to other interns, and keeps careful records regarding development of the site, etc. Successful project managers can earn a webmaster certificate. Previous project managers here at IPG have gone on to become webmasters in the business community and in higher education.

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How do I get an internship at IPG?

First, check with your advisor to make sure you are eligible to do an internship, and call our office x2494 (610-436-2494) or send an email to to set up an interview with our Director, Dr. Michael Pearson.

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What is expected of me as an intern at IPG?

Staff members are expected to arrive to the office 10 minutes before his or her scheduled start time, to be organized and able to work independently. We look for students who will work for IPG for two or more semesters.

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Could my time at IPG be scheduled around other obligations?

We try to be flexible in creating a student intern's schedule around his or her other work and school obligations. This schedule is negotiated before the semester starts. Once the schedule is set, interns are expected to be committed to these hours. Any hours missed must be made up.

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How many hours do I have to work?

IPG is looking for students who are able to commit fifteen hours a week over two semesters. We will consider single-semester internships. More in-depth internships are available from some departments and IPG can accept interns for up to forty hours a week.
In some cases, we will consider a one semester internship. Contact us for more information.

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Would I receive any sort of statement of what I'd learned at the end of my time at IPG?

After two semesters at IPG, and having demonstrated an acceptable level of design ability and knowledge, interns are eligible for a Web Developer's Certificate.
Students who stay with us more than two semesters, fulfill duties of a project manager successfully, and demonstrate an advanced level of design and knowledge are eligible for a Webmaster's Certificate.

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Does IPG pay its interns?

An IPG internship is unpaid.

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Where are former IPG members now?

Many of our interns have gone on to become web masters in the business community. From CIGNA to BlueCross/BlueShield we have former interns in executive positions. In addition, our interns have gone on to become developers at the University of Arizona and the University of Texas.

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